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Beacon Growth Advisors LLC was formed in 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia on the belief that matching deep M&A integration experience with specific functional knowledge greatly increases the chance of success.

According to The Harvard  Business Review, 70-90% of corporate acquisitions fail.  Some deals are flawed - buyers overpay or miss critical elements during due diligence.  Even "good" deals are highly susceptible to failure.  Sometimes it's a cultural mismatch but often simply a failure to effectively plan and execute when it comes time to integrate.

At Beacon Growth, we believe in building a bridge between the corporate development team responsible for making the deal and the integration teams responsible for execution.  This provides operational leaders a key role in due diligence, translation of strategy to tactics, project and resource planning, and preparation for the critical Day One and beyond.  In our experience, early involvement pays significant dividends when the deal eventually closes and the focus shifts to integration.

Whether it's an acquisition or divestiture, we provide the cross-functional attention, governance and transparency to keep the effort on track.  We work across all functions within an organization, from the "big three" of Finance, HR and IT, extending to all other areas including Compliance, Operations, Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales, Legal, Real Estate and Facilities.  We are known for rolling up our sleeves, managing risks, and ensuring success across the enterprise.

Acquisitions are stressful and change is inevitable.  We believe in communicating clearly, consistently, and frequently.  We actively manage change, paying particular attention to culture and employee engagement.

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Michael Waters, Founder

Michael started Beacon Growth Advisors in 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia to focus on post-merger integration and to help clients realize their growth strategies.

Michael's early career in banking provided a solid financial background.  He has spent the next 25 years in consulting across many diverse industries.  An early consulting focus on process improvement and transformation has translated well into M&A integration where, since 2004, he has supported more than 35 transactions ranging in size from $15M to $40B.

Since starting Beacon Growth Advisors, Michael has served different industries with a much broader functional scope.  His experience typically covers the entire enterprise - Finance, HR, and IT are considered the "big 3" areas for integration - but his experience extends to Operations, Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing, Compliance, Legal, Real Estate, and other functions.

"Be prepared", the Boy Scout motto is something Michael learned at an early age as an Eagle Scout and continues to apply today to each client engagement.